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Lynne Marcus, CPA, CFP provides financial services to meet all your needs from filing taxes to helping you plan for your retirement. With over 30 years of experience, her clients will tell you that the difference with Lynne is that she will advise you of the tax accounting implications of your decisions.

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in Florida and New York, she takes care of all your accounting needs whether you need a tax accountant, business accountant or corporate accountant.

Lynne started as an accountant which is unique among financial planners. Financial planners who are also accountants are unusual. Lynne's clients benefit from a more comprehensive group of services than most accountants or financial planners. She recognizes that each client's situation is different and therefore takes the time to understand her client's business and/or lifestyle, learning about their present financial fitness as well as their goals, dreams. This understanding helps her to build the best possible solutions. Finally, she feels it is important that clients understand the choices they make. She will educate them on making sound financial decisions. And with the constant changes in the markets, tax laws and other financial considerations, Lynne advises her clients when these changes impact their financial future. Watching over her clients' interests, guiding and explaining options is an ongoing service she provides. With clients across the country and with offices in Florida and New York, Lynne is also current in state tax regulations.

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  • Lynne Marcus, CPA, CFP
  • 9816 Arbor View Drive South
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